State of the Blog Address

Hello and welcome to Cats and La Croix! Back in the day this used to be a wine blog where I would wax poetic about my favorite wines after imbibing a little too much. However, today I’m a sober working mom with a bit of a shopping problem who just needs an outlet to run her mouth (er… fingers) and show off her cute outfits.

For those of you who don’t already know me, hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a mom to a two year old, Eliana, who keeps my husband, Matt, and me on our toes. In December 2018, after a decade-long love affair with wine, I quit drinking. What I expected to zap the fun out of life turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I can genuinely say that my life is way more fun now than it ever was when I was drinking. Maybe that’s because I started to deal with the things that drove me to drink: trauma, mental illness and grief, so that I could actually begin to enjoy life unbuzzed. In addition to being a recovering alcoholic, I live with bipolar 2 disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD— all of which I used to be self conscious about but now I own for what they are: simply neurodiversity.

I hope this can be a place where I can share about my favorite things like midsize fashion, beauty products as well as deeper thoughts on issues like mental health, sobriety and motherhood. I won’t lie, I don’t do pre-sets or overly curated Instagram posts and sometimes I go on liberal rants. But if that’s cool with you, then I think you’ll like it here.

The big cosmic joke in all of this is that Cats and La Croix is a much better name for a sober lifestyle blog than a wine blog, ha!


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